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    REIL manage the Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) targets of the IPIA / Enprova, who are ‘Obligated Parties’ (OP) under the SEAI administered scheme. The EEOS imposes a legal obligation on the OPs to deliver new savings from energy efficiency for each year from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2020. These savings must be achieved both in the domestic and non-domestic sectors.

    REIL support clients in their energy efficiency projects to ensure that savings are maximised. We liaise with clients, energy consultants and SEAI to ensure that commercial clients are rewarded for their contribution towards Ireland’s energy efficiency targets. Energy credits can be used to get upfront assistance towards:

    • Energy consultancy
    • Fleet management
    • Accessing grants
    • Energy audits
    • ISO 50001
    • Metering
    • Measurement and Verification


    Please contact us if you are considering energy efficiency projects and require either a financial/technical support in exchange for energy credits.